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Adventurer Pro Analytical Balances

Since its introduction, the OHAUS Adventurer™ Pro has established itself as the industry’s most versatile balance. It counts, it sums, it holds and it delivers traceable results. Now, we’re taking versatility to the next level by expanding the Adventurer Pro line to include a full range of Analytical and High Precision models. No other balance in its class offers all these features in a compact design.

Standard Features Include:

  • Easy Access, Frameless Draftshield with Removable Doors – All doors, including the front and back glass panels, disassemble in seconds, and together with a stainless steel bottom, make it fast and easy to clean.
  • SmarText™ Software Guides Users Through Balance Use – SmarText™ is OHAUS’ easy to use balance software that utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and balance setup.
  • QuadraStance™ Design Provides Superior Footprint Stability – To enhance weighing stability, QuadraStance incorporates four feet to provide superior footprint stability on any surface.
  • Flexibility of Available Options – Ensure weighing accuracy with InCal™ internal calibration. USB or second RS232 interface option allows connection to multiple peripherals.

The Most Complete Balance In Its Class

  • Capacities from 65g to 260g, with Readability to 0.1mg
  • 9 inch high flip-top frameless draftshield for easy access
  • SmarText™ software easily guides users through application use
  • QuadraStance™ design for superior stability
  • Options include InCal™ internal calibration, USB or second RS232
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Item # Capacity Readability Price
AV114 110 g 0.1 mg $2,650.00
AV114C 110 g 0.1 mg $2,900.00
AV264 260 g 0.1 mg $3,150.00
AV264C 260 g 0.1 mg $3,400.00
AV64 65 g 0.1 mg $2,300.00
AV64C 65 g 0.1 mg $2,625.00

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