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BMC HD Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The BMC HD is a heavy duty  truck scale for vehicle weighing.  Its concrete deck and steel substructure make the BMC very strong and very durable.

This concrete truck scale is ideal for situations with high traffic or heavy rain or moisture.

Built to last, highly accurate truck scale
Concrete decks typically provide improved traction and are more resistant to corrosion in wet conditions than steel deck truck scales.
This weighbridge has a composite design – only the top half of the deck is poured, allowing the concrete to stay in compression and resist cracking. Tension forces are handled by the high-strength steel structure below the concrete.

Multi-platform axle weighers
All BridgeMont truck scales are also available as a multi-platform system, providing accurate axle weighing plus a legal-for-trade gross weight in a single action.
Truck scales that are configured for one-stop axle weighing combine multiple independent scales in a common foundation and are designed to accommodate the vehicle’s axle spacings.

Rugged, reliable weighing
Our vehicle scales utilize the Weigh Bar; an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device that is designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells. The unique, patented design provides inherent strength and overload protection, while also providing accuracy and high reliability.

Industry leading warranty
All Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales/weighbridges come backed by industry leading warranty options to ensure a low cost-of-ownership.

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