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BridgeMont BMC HD

Heavy-Duty Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The BridgeMont Heavy Duty Concrete Deck Truck Scale is an outstanding design that incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology. It is a scale for the majority of users, the people who require a scale they can depend on, day in and day out.


  • E1310 Indicator: The E1310 Indicator with truck scale In/ Out software application simplifies vehicle weighing. Track up to 250 different open transactions and store up to 1,000 completed transactions. You can also store up to 500 tare weights.
  • Full Electronic Design: Avery Weigh-Tronix has been an unsurpassed leader in utilizing state of the art technology in virtually every aspect of their truck scales.
  • Corrosion Protection: All steel surfaces are sandblasted too SSPC-6 industry standards. A high quality industrial grade urethane primer is applied, followed by a final coat of an acrylic polyurethane.

Options & Accessories

  • Unattended Control Systems
  • Stainless Steel Shielded Cable
  • Remote Displays
  • Grain Dump Modules
  • Guide Rails
  • Printers
  • Guard Posts
  • Pre-fab Foundations
  • MI-Payload, Measurement Intelligence Software
  • Manhole Rings and Covers
  • Hazardous Area Systems
  • Indicators
  • Multi-Platform Systems for Axle Weighing


  • NTEP, Cert. of Conf. #97-074
  • Approved up to 13′ width
  • Approved for livestock weighing


  • 5 years – Weigh Bars
  • 10 years – Weighbridge
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