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BridgeMont BMS SD

Standard Duty Steel Deck Truck Scale

The BMS SD truck scale suits applications with moderate traffic and axle loads up to highway limits. This steel deck vehicle scale is cost effective without compromising on quality. The BridgeMont truck scale design uses a sandwich steel construction and WeighBar load sensors for outstanding strength and reliability.
BMS-SD Series includes: 75K alloy steel Easi-Post Weigh Bars® with stainless steel East-Post components (threaded cap, post, and lower cup), 50′ interface cable, junction boxes, platform ground wires with clamps, surge protection for Weigh Bars® and junction box, and AC line protection for indicator. Interface cable and all Weigh Bar® cable is stainless steel sheathed.

The BMS-SD series arrives at the installation site in pre-assembled sections. Weigh-Bars®, junction boxes and cables are factory calibrated. Final assembly must be done in the field. Final calibration of electronics must be done after the steel decks have been installed.

The BMS-SD Series truck scales have a concentrated load capacity (CLC) and dual tandem axel capacity (DTA) of 70,000 lb (35,000 kg). The “r” factor rating is 2.06 on all sizes.


  • Available in a range of sizes and capacities: The BMS SD has many sizes and capacities to choose from, making it a cost effective choice for many applications. The truck scale arrives on site fully assembled and features a low 14” profile, to save space and cost by using a shorter approach area.
  • Galvanized truck scales for added durability: This steel deck truck scale can be galvanized for total corrosion resistance and maximum surface durability.  The entire module of the truck scale is hot dipped in molten zinc so that all surfaces are coated, inside and out, making the scale highly corrosion resistant and greatly extending its life expectancy in corrosive applications.
  • Industry leading warranty: All Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales come backed by industry leading warranty options to ensure a low cost-of-ownership.
  • Multi-platform axle weighers: These truck scales are also available as a multi-platform system, providing accurate axle weighing plus a legal-for-trade gross weight in a single action. Truck scales that are configured for one-stop axle weighing combine multiple independent scales in a common foundation and are designed to accommodate the vehicle’s axle spacing.
  • Rugged, reliable weighing: Our vehicle scales utilize the Weigh Bar; an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device that is designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells.  The unique, patented design provides inherent strength and overload protection, while also providing accuracy and high reliability.
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