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GSE Counting Scales Model 675

The Model 675 Precision Counting Scale Integrates with your Network.

Simple Network Configuration into Existing Back-Office Systems

The GSE 675 counting scale has a dynamic web server to make network configuration fast and simple. By networking into existing systems, weight and process data can be turned into useful management information instantly.

Highly Accurate with a Range of Weighing Capacities

This high connectivity scale is rugged enough for high traffic industrial environments and it’s highly accurate. It has an internal resolution of 1,000,000 divisions, which means that it can detect differences in weight as small 0.000005lb. It is available with a range of capacities, from 6lb to 100lb.

Additional Flexibility

For additional flexibility, the GSE 675 comes with a choice of AC, DC or battery power.


  • Bright, LED display is easy to read in any light situation.
  • One keystroke toggles between counting and weighing modes.
  • Carrying handles facilitate mobility for counting or weighing in different areas.
  • Communicate with printers, computers, and other peripheral devices using fixed format tickets and labels.
  • Create custom labels with the Custom Transmit Table™ to contain bar code data with APW and TARE weights.
  • Counting accuracy is ensured with one million counts (1/1,000,000d) of internal resolution.
  • Integrates with UPS Worldship® to streamline shipping, receiving, importing, and exporting.
  • Model 375 provides the added benefit of numeric keys for manual entry of TARE weight or APW.
  • Refer to Specifications for a list of available options on each model
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Item # Price
21065-000100 100 Lb x 0.005 Lb 12" x 12" $1615
21065-000015 15 Lb x 0.0005 Lb 12" x 12" $1615
21065-000030 30 Lb x 0.001 Lb 12" x 12" $1615
21065-000060 60 Lb x 0.002 Lb 12" x 12" $1615
21065-00006 6 Lb x 0.0002 Lb 8" x 10" $1615

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