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Mechanical Force Gauge: Model X-C

Model X-C with Compression Calibration

Model X-C comes in nine capacities ranging from 50 lb to 25,000 lb or 50 to 10000 kg. All feature accuracy of ±1% of full capacity, except the 25,000 (10000 kg) capacity instruments which are accurate to ±2% of full capacity.
Load is applied against a hardened ball which rotates to maintain vertical alignment as pressure increases.
The ball is held in place with a spring clip or retainer. A threaded mounting hole is located opposite the loading ball in the bottom of the beam.
Model X-C is available in pound, kilogram or Newton capacities.

Proven accuracy and ruggedness sets our mechanical force gauge apart in the force measurement industry. The “D” shaped deflection beam is the heart of the Force Gauge system. Highly engineered materials with close machining tolerances and proper heat treatment provide optimum strength and spring characteristics. Two year warranty.
Ideal for stand alone force applications or as the load defining component of a much larger system.


  • Shockless dial indicator for installations involving the sudden application or release of force. (Maximum pointer cannot be supplied with shockless dial indicator.)
  • Maximum load pointer which remains at peak load until manually reset. (not available on Model X-PP)
  • Zero position on dial may be factory positioned at 12, 3, 6, or 9 o’clock. Standard position is at 12 o’clock.
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