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QTLTS Forklift Scale

The Avery Weigh-Tronix QTLTS Forklift Scale System turns a lift truck into a mobile scale. The system includes a durable, front-mounted digital scale carriage with Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors and two viewing ports, as well as a choice of two in-cab instruments. The system allows operators to easily and quickly capture weight data en route, without extra steps.

The QTLTS class II and III forklift scale allows you to weigh loads without altering your normal forklift truck routine. It is the ideal solution for monitoring loads handled by forklift trucks.

The QTLTS forklift scale is extremely accurate, consistently providing 99% or better weight accuracy of the applied load regardless of the position of the forks or mast.

Very tough and durable
This scale carriage is very tough.  It attaches to an existing forklift truck carriage and withstands up to 200% of full capacity applied anywhere up to 24” from the frame and side loads up to 100% of full capacity.

Easy to use interface for simple data management
Compatible with the FLI225 forklift scale weight indicator, which features a simple user interface to minimize operator confusion and error.
For a more advanced requirements, the FLI425 features a 7” full color, touchscreen display capable of displaying up to 19 data fields simultaneously.

ITA Class II Cleat Type

  • 5000lb x 1lb
  • 16,000 x 20lb

ITA Class III Cleat Type

  • 5,000lb x 1lb
  • 10,000 x 2lb
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