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Setra Quick Count

Setra Quick Count Counting Scale

The simple six key design allows the user to master scale operation in minutes, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

The Quick Count counting scale displays any of six weighing units at the touch of a button. Count or weight information can be transmitted to a printer or to a computer via the standard RS-232 serial data interface. Overload and shock protection combined with an elegantly simple load cell design makes the Quick Count rugged, reliable, and accurate.

Scale Features

  • Accuracy Monitor. Special settings monitor the sampling process and, if necessary, cause the scale to prompt the operator if the number of pieces used in the sample is too small, or if the sample weight is insufficient.
  • Printing Data and/or bar codes may be accomplished in a single keystroke when a computer, tape or label printer is connected.
  • Programmable RS-232 output with ScriptCoderâ„¢ allows a custom label design to be printed to a dot matrix printer for text or a thermal label printer for bar codes. Bidirectional data communications allow pieceweights and commands to be downloaded from a computer.
  • Serviceability. Thanks to a modular design and built-in automatic temperature compensation, Quick Count scales can be serviced on-site by an authorized Setra Service Technician.


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Item # Capacity Readability Price
404113 11 lb / 5,000 g .0001 lb / .05 g $2,100
404117 110 lb / 50,000 g .002 lb / 1 g $2,100
404111 2.2 lb / 1,000 g .00002 lb / .01 g $2,100
404114 27 lb / 12,500 g .0005 lb / .2 g $2,100
404112 5.5 lb / 2,500 g .00005 lb / .02 g $2,100
404115 55 lb / 25,000 g .001 lb / .5 g $2,100
404116 75 lb / 34,000 g .002 lb / 1 g $2,100

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