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Setra Super II Checkweigher – Non-Backlight Model

Setra Super II Checkweigher

Setra Systems Industrial Checkweigher is designed in the tradition of all Setra Counting Scales based on award-winning variable capacitance technology, The Checkweigher is the ideal solution for your inventory control, packaging, quality and material handling applications when high accuracy and resolution are imperative to customer satisfaction and your bottom line.
The Checkweigher offers a full range of capacities and a database that allows long-term storage of up to 1800 part numbers with their associated low, target and high average piece weight. The optional relay box is optically isolated and provides 3 outputs and 2 digital inputs. The optional light tree provides compact visible indication.


  • High Accuracy
  • High Resolution
  • Prompting Macros
  • Signals Low, Target, High
  • Internal Database
  • Plug and Play
  • Multiple Base Connectivity
  • Three RS232 Communication Ports
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Item # Capacity / Readability Options Price
4091331NN 11 lb / 5,000 g None $2,585.00
4091321NN 4.4 lb / 2,000 g None $2,585.00
4091331NB 11 lb / 5,000 g BATTERY Option (no batt) $2,950.00
4091331RB 11 lb / 5,000 g RSO & BATTERY (no batt) $3,400.00
4091331RN 11 lb / 5,000 g RSO $2,975.00
4091321NB 4.4 lb / 2,000g BATTERY Option (no batt) $2,950.00
4091321RB 4.4 lb / 2,000 g RSO & BATTERY (no batt) $3,400.00
4091321RN 4.4 lb / 2,000 g RSO $2,975.00

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